I am scared to lose you

Joint Blog Post

I Am scared that I will lose you someday. The spark is slowly dying down. The phone calls and texts don’t come as often. I feel you drifting further and further. I wonder, is it something I did? Is there something wrong? You ought to talk to me because I am scared to lose you.

Can you please stay in this moment and enjoy life with me. You came into my life at the precise moment when I needed someone, I was lost until you found me. With you I am in my special place. So would you please stay in this moment with me and enjoy life with me?
Please heal my emotional wounds and never stop. You’re the antidote to my turmoil. They hurt me before and left damage that I thought would be permanent until you came along. The healing is actually happening and at a tremendous speed. This is a miracle and so please keep healing my emotional wounds and never stop. You’re my only doctor.

I don’t know why you loved me back, am not sure of your reasons but I wish they last forever. Those are words I wake up to, day dream with, and sleep to. “I love you.” I am not sure of why you love me, I intend to find out though but those words will last me a life-time. Because I love you too and always will.

I desire us to grow together in every element (financial, pursuit, and career) not just aging but develop into successful humans. I want to build you in all aspects; socially , financially , in your career. This will be an all-round relationship where I am in this with you, through it all. I want to be that partner that you can rely on to get it done. This will be a successful life together for you and me.

I hope and pray am there when you are happy and when you are sad. This journey is not smooth and therefore the good and bad times will be there but trust me to be there through it all. I will be that shoulder for you to cry on and that comfort you need to be re-assured that everything will be alright. It most certainly will be.

I don’t want us to ever hurt each other. I hope we never hurt each other and even if we do, may we have a built in mechanism that helps us cope with the pain and eases the reconciliation process. We are in this to together. We can always deal with our reality.

I fear to regret ever happening/ meeting. I hate regrets, I don’t plan ever regretting meeting because that will shutter all that we have had and built together. I am holding onto the special moment when I met you even when we are at crossroads because I don’t regret that moment. It was a beautiful start to a life-long journey and I treasure it.

I want you to inspire me forever. I want you to be my purpose to wake up and work hard. Keep inspiring me, keep showing me that despite the odds, you can always rise to your full potential. Keep being my reason to wake up and give the day, the best I can because I know rewards will always come through, you have shown me that.

I can move on very easily. Alright that is a lie, I can’t move on easily, but if that is the road I am to take after all our history, then that is what I will do. You have taught me the importance of strength on this journey and this will be my time to exercise my strength. I will hold onto the bitter sweet memories.

I decide not to move on because I choose you. I make the decision to stay. Because despite everything else, I choose you. East or west, home is best. You’re my home.

Together we have nurtured this beautiful bond that the world is a witness to. Creating our own story that our children will look at say we made it despite the odds is the bond I am looking at. So beautiful that many will want to take after us or do better but that might just be impossible because we only can do what we do best.

We can not give up on our efforts just like that. Let’s keep fighting, let’s endure, and let’s race to the finish line. As long as we have each other, we can do anything. Us against the world.

Our relationship is a child we have grown together for a time now. We know our flaws, we know our strengths,our likes and dislikes and we are still growing. We have so much discovery to do. I hope you’re ready to trail the adventure of a life-time with me.

A special child. Needs special care and attention. Needs constant love and you’re my special child. I will always be here whenever you need me.

Am ready to always fight for us, for you : each time we knock walls and hit dead ends because I want and chose to love you. I won’t give on us, I will fight till the very end. Are you in this with me?

This beautiful piece is brought to you in collaboration with Benjamin. Working with you has been tremendous because you write with your heart and have taught me to do the same. To more collaborations. Follow him at;


To my dear readers, this has been a wonderful collaboration and your feedback brings life to our work. We understand how relatable this content has been and can’t wait to share more. Share widely and comment earnestly.

With love, from your lady surveyor.

Of excuses and dating

When they start having an excuse for every occurrence. I was busy, the car got stuck or there was a lot of traffic. Excuse after excuse. Always on the defensive. They expect you to understand them but do they ever understand you. You always have to fit in their shoes but have they tried to even try an inch of yours. The emotions boil up until you can’t breathe no more. Tears run down your face because their excuses are too lame and monotonous.

When they cannot be with you when they are supposed to, instead they have an abrupt excuse. It’s as though you never mattered in the first place. You question if you were ever a priority. A simple text is like running a milestone now and yet in the initial stages, you did not have to ask for that attention. It was all provided without hesitation. Is it because you now gave in to their demands hence they don’t have any use for you in their lives anymore? Well of course, they will have an excuse.

When they start being uncomfortable with you in public. When every phone call is at the wrong time even when it’s basic knowledge that it takes seconds to text back. But they have an excuse to beat a deadline. The seconds, minutes and hours go by without that reply. This makes you wonder, can I really rely on this them? What if it was a matter of life and death, what then? What if they were supposed to be my hero, wouldn’t I be dead by now. It is clear as day light that you are not priority. Maybe it’s time for you to walk away. The excuses are too many to keep you entangled in this situation.

It’s not hard to make time for a proper call and it’s not a burden to see someone you want to see. It should not be hard for you to make time for the person that means so much to you. It should not be hard to communicate with the person you ought to see. It should not be hard to get off a few seconds of your time to text back that person you hold dear. When the excuses come in, then you don’t treasure them that much as you want them to believe.

When we make too many excuses for those we love. They lose trust in you, they lose their confidence in you. They know they can’t rely on you anymore and when the excuses keep on the rise, eventually they will walk away. Remember whatever drains one of their peace is surely expensive and therefore they will most certainly choose to walk away.

To buy ourselves more time with them. We all have 24 hours a day to accomplish our set objectives for the day. There is nothing like a lot or little time, it’s the same count. Therefore rather than make up excuses, prioritize and set aside time to communicate with people we love. That simple sacrifice seems small but speaks volumes. It is time to make memories that can last a life time. Make the time. You have the ability to do that.

To be sure that they are not like the ones before.  Give them the benefit of the doubt and be clear in what you want. Often times, we are not mind readers to know what you want, make your needs known and let the other person or persons do what they can accomplish them. Let us refrain from stereotyping. Everyone deserves a chance to show you who they really are for who they are. Don’t even start to imagine them like the ones before, because that will be the start of the downfall of the relationship you’re trying to build.         

Other times we are scared of the truth. It is alright to be scared of the truth but always remember, the truth hurts once it’s heard once but a lie hurts every time you remember it. Choose the truth, every time. It will save you time trying to keep with all the lies and excuses you have to make up.

When we fear to accept that it’s time to walk away. Never fear to walk away, you deserve all the best in the world and if someone is not offering you that, don’t even waste an ounce of your time. It’s really hard to believe in the unknown but the right people that will give you all that you need are out there. You need to give it time, keep searching and your hard work will eventually pay off. No doubt about that.

The truth is if you don’t feel like you can count on that person and if you have to spend your time wondering what you mean to them or why they do the things they do, then it’s only going to drain you. If you feel like you’re the one who is always compromising or making the effort, then it will always be an unbalanced relationship. The truth is a lack of effort kills the spark and ruins the relationship.

You therefore need to choose you. Choose your happiness, a peace of mind, a balanced and healthy relationship with someone who obviously appreciates you for you are and will come through when you need them. Choose to be a priority and be with someone who makes you one in their lives. No more excuses.

This is a collaboration with Benjamin Musanjufu. One of the best content creators I am blessed to know. Benjamin brings life to every word he jots down. He is a great support system in ensuring that the blogging community keeps on the rise. I respect that he appreciates everyone for who they are. Do check out his blog and follow him to get his amazing work. Thank you for working on this project with me Benjy.


I hope you have loved our piece and are excited for ” I am scared to lose you.”


“Believe it and you can achieve it”

Hey my people, I understand and send my sincere apologies for being MIA for the past 3-4 months. I of course missed sharing my ideas and thoughts with you and also receiving your awesome feedback but at times, a well- deserved break to strategize and re-energize is called for in this world where everything is fast tracking.

Ugandan Lady Surveyor

Anyway so here we are again to delve into desire, dedication and determination. This pandemic era has personally taught me so much that is plainly put in those 3Ds. I have found out that the best way I can put a message across is by sharing my personal stories and experiences. Therefore during my absentee days, I got to fully ask myself questions I wouldn’t have a chance to if I was just everywhere. This is where “me-time” becomes really important. Your sub-conscious helps shade light on those important details in your life that you had overshadowed unknowingly.

I got to understand that my desire towards a particular engagement, will see me being dedicated to it and I will be determined to see it come through to the end. Have that particular engagement/ project completed.

So from my personal experience, I have a strong desire for leadership and therefore I am always looking out for the next big opportunity in developing that skill. I am very dedicated to ensuring I apply for different programs that will help me achieve that goal. This has seen me attend the African Future Leaders Fellowship and Young African Leaders Initiative. I definitely wouldn’t be here if not for my determination and hard work.

African Future Leaders Fellowship

Being a young surveyor too is one of my greatest joys and my desire is to always stand out in my profession, dedicate my time and entire-self to knowing what I need to achieve my goal of using my profession to empower young people as well as my community. I am determined to set an example and with hard work; I was able to represent Uganda at the FIG-African meeting in Senegal.

Institute of Surveyors in Uganda

Therefore with determination and hard work, it’s important to remember that it is impossible to fail totally if you dare to try. Dare to have a strong desire to make an impact and be determined to see through any goal you set. Such is the spirit of a success-oriented person.

I have so much more for us to discuss about and therefore don’t forget to leave a comment and let us keep the conversation going but most importantly, I will leave this with us; “How should we as the future generation dare to try to see our goals through?”

I remain yours truly, Ugandan Lady Surveyor.

A letter from myself in 2030

Source: Goi Peace Foundation

My lovely people. It’s your favorite Ugandan lady Surveyor bringing you an amazing and mind blowing piece today though its personal one that i am glad to share with you all. I hope June has been such a steady month for you regardless the circumstances centered around the pandemic. As some close friends will put it “Regardless we move”

As i have mentioned,this is a personal piece. I recently participated in an international essay by the Goi Peace Foundation and i was amazed by the topic chosen. Many a times as individuals all over the world, its a challenge to try and imagine yourself 5 or 10 years from now. If asked,what do you see yourself as,our answers range from “ahhhhh ,wellllll ,uhmmmmm” ……I guess you get where I am going with this! Yes hahaha we are usually at a lose of words and try to get answers from another universe because we are usually never ready for such questions. Not quite what we ever imagine being asked.

Regardless,credit goes to all of us out there that still have it covered and know what they envision in 5 to 10 years from now.Do not hesitate to share and comment and amaze us with your great ideas <Applaud>. With that said, I have shared my letter because I feel therein I can be guided and helped to refine all my goals in order to achieve “what i was experiencing in 2030”. Everything is always a team effort. Don’t you agree? I hope it does encourage us all to think of the future,what has been your input to make the world a better place? Or maybe what would you want to do to make it a better place. I trust and believe all these ideas put together can help us make something new,great and innovative. Below is the Michelle’s letter……

Dear Michelle, I am here because of you. In March 2020, school closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The entire world was affected. Guidelines from World Health Organization were given to each individual in the world to follow, despite the measures, millions of people still lost their lives to the pandemic. I am proud that you joined this fight through People to People International –Kampala Student Chapter. You spreading awareness and safety tips as guided by information from the Ministry of Health-Uganda and World Health Organization with your team of friends in this chapter using social media to spread and the hashtag #ptpiklaagainstcovid19 and created animations using the CANVA software. Interestingly, people still use the measures; wash our hands regularly and sanitize. Social distancing over the decade has been maintained and gatherings are kept at a minimum. Now medical services are easily accessed by individuals round the world since various centers were established in different places to help administer treatment to COVID -19 affected persons. These centers, were modified and are now First class health centers that have eased treatment of people. Particularly in Uganda, all our districts are well equipped hospitals now. Remember how you had a vision of a sustainable world, through the sustainable development goals? Education is accessible to all as well as basic services like food and clothes. During the pandemic lock down, we all had to stay in our homes, governments would distribute basic services to country men like food, soap, therefore people still share and donate food s to help people that may not be able to afford. Therefore there is zero hunger in the world at large. Pollution in water bodies like lakes, rivers and oceans is no more. When you attended various conferences related to Mapping and Geo spatial data, you learnt how to map as an engine to show the cons of pollution and this information was used by organizations like USAID through Youth mappers in policy making. Your background as a Surveying and Geomatics student, made this easy but also benefited your community, you were always passionate about community empowerment. I can proudly say that people are more environment sensitive and that the eco-system is booming. Youth are no longer unemployed as they are so innovative and therefore always look for solutions and opportunities thus they are pro-active. I will admit that the pandemic was a tough experience as I earlier explained, but the skills and growth that individuals attained since we all had a time to stop, pause and reflect was tremendous and yielded a lot. We got to hit the reset button and get the world back on track to avoid events like forest fires in Australia that killed very many koalas ,tsunamis and hurricanes hitting coasts like in Philippines from recurring. Therefore the pause of in 2020 helped various organizations remodel all solutions and policies that will benefit the world and prepare us from future pandemics and calamities. That is why in 2030, the world is booming. Michelle, you did achieve your dreams. You have continued to empower communities through various outreach programs like you used to as President of the People to People International-Kampala Student Chapter. You now lead the Kampala Youth Chapter in the same non-governmental organization and have impacted on very many youths. You have inspired them to follow their dreams like you did yours and focus on growth of their lives through establishing goals that can help them. They all know that your background does not determine what your future will be but your present most certainly does. You now work with the United Nations and your various surveying projects have helped individuals even those in rural areas have access to affordable surveying services and people now own land more as opposed to the 30% then. There is more security of tenure and less land disputes. Michelle I would like you to keep being a go-getter, focus on your goals and growth and never give up on wanting the world to be a better place because in 2030, your dreams do come true. Work smart and hard and keep giving people a reason to smile.

The passion and zeal to make the world a better place is intense

I hope you loved Michelle’s letter from 2030. Please comment and share what it is you would want you now to know from any future version of you. Can’t wait for the great thoughts. I remain yours,The Ugandan Lady Surveyor

Day 4: Becoming (Nagawa Michelle), a biographical piece

My readers, we are onto day 4 <jubilation>

First and foremost, thank you for walking this journey with me. It is a priceless commitment and I am indeed indebted to you all and can’t wait for more adventures together.

I find this next post quiet captivating and its very personal because we are going to get to know more about Nagawa Michelle. Nagawa Michelle is a Ugandan lady and comes from wonderful family. She was born on April 24th, 1998 and is currently aged 22.Michelle has always had drive to make the most of life and that was seen as she was growing up. She is God-fearing; God is at the center of her life in each and everything. She is ambitious, always had big dreams and never gave up on the struggle of being an inspiration to her siblings. She always endeavored to have good grades from an early age but was also a free spirit <she still is anyway> Michelle is selfless. This is one of the greatest qualities she possesses. She always believes that there is good in everyone and we all deserve a chance.

Junior Michelle

Michelle completed her primary education from St.Noa Junior Boarding School- Zana, Secondary from Gayaza High School and is currently a finalist at Kyambogo University pursuing a Bachelor’s degree of Science in Surveying and Land Information Systems, Faculty of Engineering. She has also taken various online courses from organizations like ESRI and UNITAR. If you know Michelle, you know she takes education seriously and gives in her whole.

Michelle has also been involved in organizations that have helped her acquire various skills like leadership skills, computer skills, and innovative skills among many others. These organizations include Adobe Youth Voices, People to People International, Youth Mappers, Millennium Campus Network, to mention but a few. This clearly shows she is a well rounded student that covers all corners to guide and help her in her personal growth. Michelle knows she would not have accomplished much if not for the mentors that have been with her through every step of the way.

Being a pro-active lady has helped her achieve so much. She has participated in essay competitions, applying for conferences. Some she has made though, others she has not won. Nevertheless, she has fulfillment that she participated and has never stopped, true definition of Never Give Up. She knows these are all experiences that can be good or bad but there is a bigger picture to look at. She still works hard and smart to be what she envisions in 5 years.

With the President of FGF in Senegal -Dakar

Her vision is to still be fully involved in community and youth empowerment as a leader and have a successful career that helps her make a difference in people’s lives in a sustainable trait. She has a goal of working with the United Nations because of her love and fascination with the sustainable development goals in relation to the country Uganda.

On those calm days when she can have, “Me Time”, Michelle loves family time, reading, dancing, volunteering and community outreach programs, crafting new ideas, travelling, watching movies, hanging out with friends and researching.

Her handles are

Twitter: @MichyN123

Instagram: Ugandanladysurveyor

YouTube: Open URview

Nagawa Michelle

Now that you have a general picture of who Michelle is, she would like to get to know you too. Please leave your comment and handles and connect with her on social media.

Day 3: My favorite local food

Holla, My favorite people!

Welcome to the new segment and let’s delve into it. I find this particular segment quiet intriguing because it is a challenge for me to pick out a favorite local food<smiley>.

I am the kind that will go with the flow and as crazy as it may sound, will not crave for something in particular<laughs>. Worry not; I still will get me a favorite local dish. Determinants in this case rely on what I prefer making in the kitchen and also what I like seeing on my plate.

Growing up, I definitely like offals commonly known as “ebyenda”. Between you and me, I believe it was the influence of my family then. Also they are simple and the famous “blanket” was my favorite. I will make a shout out to one of my good friends Loy, she can never do without them at least every week and that definitely fascinates me <laughs>. Way to go, girl <excited>. You remind me of the good old days. Unfortunately I for one out grew it and I am not such a fan anymore.

That morning brunch combo you should not do without

We have the famous “luwombo. It has no particular English translation, at least none that I have heard of, but it’s majorly having sauce prepared in banana leaves,”endagala” and served in the covering. It is famously served at various occasions like Introduction ceremonies. I love this particular meal because that sauce has a wonderful scent<If you get what I mean> No wonder the “Bako”, in-laws in English, get treated to it. It is also definitely simple to prepare for as long as you put all the ingredients in the cover and into the saucepan, the magic is destined to take place.

Any sauce : meat,groundnuts, chicken……you would like to taste it from this method of preparation

Finally I will dawn on rice and beans, “omuchere ne bijanjalo”  <Applaud>, yes it made it to the list. This combination is the simplest I have ever had to make and I mean, as children we always loved it. I believe I can have this meal, any day <laughs>, it’s just convenient.

When I was putting this piece together, I definitely did not have a favorite dish, I believe I still do not , I just picked put what I would mostly have from my childhood, what I have appreciated while growing up and what we all loved at a point in my life. I really believe, there are so many local amazing dishes we all love and I cannot wait to hear which one is yours. Just leave your comment and I will definitely keep the conversation going. There are so many I have not tackled.

Day 2: What’s the main goal of your site?

Hi my lovely people,well well <laughs>,when you pledge to be committed ,you honor the pledge and live by your word.

Today we shall get to know the goal of my site. This will clearly be illuminated in the name of the site, “Ugandan Lady Surveyor”. Before you ladies and gentlemen, are three brawny words that hold a magnitude of significance.

A crown for the Lady Surveyor

Ugandan; My country and origin are definitely my pride. Uganda is the pearl of Africa and having roots here, no matter where the world might take me is an honor. I know that fellow countrymen can agree with me on this. I mean for all, my life, I have only known one President, His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, Mzee <smiley>, such records are only found in my country. That might get me using the phrase that is coded “If you know, you know *wink*”

Blue Waters and Mountains
For God and my Country

My country and its preserved bio-diversity amaze me,its just a breeze of fresh air. As much as technology has advanced over years and the world is flowing with developments to change their systems, our eco- system is still natural and flourishing. There are parts of my country that are so green and full of nature’s feeling, basking in the sun-rise that can give you the sense of heavenly feeling. This and much more will be posted on my site.

In case you feel like rafting

Lady; Being a lady is an honor. No offence to the gents<laughs> You are all equally important but hey ,I focus on the ladies because I am one but believe you ,me; there will be times when the mixture comes in so we are all catered for *wink*. Ladies have so much to offer in this world and many a times that potential is squashed and not realized. A friend once shared with me, in his own words, We think feminism is in the world but it’s at the least percentage than what is portrayed.” This statement has stayed with me since then and I have always delved deeper to understand what he meant .

Reasons as to why we don’t fully unleash what we are capable of entail having a lot of back log that we  hold on to, low self esteem, inferiority complex, complicated backgrounds among others but good news,<drum roll> we have so many ladies to gain inspiration from. Some inspiring ladies include; Juliana Kanyomozi, Michelle Obama, Babra Kyagulanyi and many more. You don’t need much to do something big, small wins mount to the significant difference you need. Therefore shining a light on ladies and how we can be influential in the world is my other goal on this site. I mean I for one have had my own small wins and I am excited for the big break I feel coming. If that lady you feel has made it in this world can DO IT, so CAN YOU.

Its safe to say this is a Michelle thing.

And finally; Surveyor; Often a times, this profession looked at as being tedious and difficult. I really don’t dispute this opinion because it is true. Contrary to this, surveying is full of adventures like forest ventures<laughs> and amazing opportunities that we need to tap into. I particularly admire the Geomatics section. Learning of the advances in technology and how they can simplify our work and how we can be able to obtain various opportunities on the global scale. I will share some of my success stories and hope that they can inspire us, regardless the profession because some pointers cut across. <Smiley>,well i hope you agree with me.


Even with the above goals, I am fun loving hence we shall get into some loosening up posts and you can meet my “crazy pham” and what we do to make a little noise, I love reading so book reviews will come through, I am definitely into leadership so we can get into the ups and downs I have experienced in that. I definitely love spending time in the kitchen too,so recipes should not shock you when they air. In a nut-shell, we shall get to know me and you. <Very exciting>

Food is everyone’s best friend

I hope you have enjoyed this post and as much as I did, preparing it. Please leave your comment and tell me what you think is composed in the above sections in your perspective. I wait to hear from you all. <Thumbs up to you all>

Day 1: Introduction and commitment pledge

Hey my lovely readers,

Well I am enthusiastic and beyond excited to start the Winter ABC 2020 mystical journey with you courtesy of the Afro Bloggers. I believe this is a journey we are all going to enjoy and learn from each other. A moral of life I have come to fully grasp over time. My name is Michelle Nagawa and I will leave different social media handles where you can find me and we can engage and get to know each other better. Isn’t that exciting<smiley>

very very excited

There are various ways to communicate and interact with interesting people all over the globe and this is my way. I don’t know about your way but I would definitely be honored and would love to know.

Please leave your comment on: ‘What platform do you find most user-friendly, when you want to connect with individuals and share your experiences with them?’

 In the coming days, your very own Ugandan Lady Surveyor pledges to get you exciting reads on topics I have intriguing and captivating and  be committed to making sure we all shall gain so I am happy to have you on this journey with me.

Ugandan Lady Surveyor

Let us get right into it<Excited>.


Hey there #Ugblogmonth:20-minutes-with-a-celebrity-who-and-why

Well between you and me, I am so happy to be back again. Hope you’re too(excited) and are ready to get on the roll with me, yeyy!

Born on 21st October 1978, thus he is around 20 years my senior now *smiles* as if that will highlight something but maybe we shall get into it later or never. He is an extra-ordinary actor that gives you the thrill of being part of any show he features in. I mean you will feel like you are right across the New York streets as Blue Bloods is being filmed. My thumbs up go to Will Estes, my celebrity.

With Will on set, you might not be able to differentiate whether he is acting or it’s a real time show. I mean he is exceptionally good and passionate on screen reminding me why I love reading novels, and the reality they depict but that’s definitely another write up for another day. He started his acting career at a tender age and since then has been successful. Many of us, use the age defense in order to jump out of situations but hey, Will teaches me two main things;

  1. Age does not matter in order for you to start working on dreams, just work smart and hard enough and grab any opportunity availed to you.
  2. Whatever you have a chance to do, do it to your best because that could be your stepping stone to greatness. Do not waste chance

I of course follow him on different platforms i.e. Twitter and Instagram and you shall never guess the shock of my life (drum rolls). He is definitely a private person so his personal life is not out there for the whole universe and boy oh boy; do I respect that. He clearly defines the slogan “No need for drama”, an important life principle. Besides that, the information he shares is quite impressive. He is always out to share about individuals’ making a difference in the world like @gretathunberg, (do check her page out if you have not yet) through various campaigns for example climate change.

Many of my friends will ascertain how passionate I am about the sustainable development goals and therefore having an individual like him channel energy into ideas that can help us achieve some SDGs is really inspiring and mind blowing. Well of course, I didn’t want to jinx it but he does share about Blue bloods. He definitely has to, that is his profession (laughs). I also never waste any change to let the world know how proud I am to be a Surveyor and Geomatics student so I guess we call dibs there (thumbs up).

You know how you meet someone and it hits you instantly that this individual would have great influence on your life, even virtually, Will Estes will definitely take the 20 minutes because well (laughs), I know those the best 20 minutes of my life (Intuition)

I do admire his smooth yet captivating smile too though, maybe this is my highlight as earlier hinted. Ladies, you know what I am talking about(wink). He definitely would be a catch but unfortunately he is way up in California and I definitely have no idea how you can telepathy but hey never say never.


So this is my first blog #Ugblogmonth:MylessonsfromtheCOVID-pandemic and I chose this particular theme because of the sincerity of the matter. So it was 18th March, from a long class day when the President hosted his first “Joel’s Daily show” hahaha by then it was yet to be named. He announced how all universities were to close and believe me, I had a sigh of relief as the semester was on a marathon, I couldn’t catch my breath.

The assumption was it was just quarantine so maybe I could now use a Bajaj and go somewhere or take an Uber without the thoughts of school. Then LOCKDOWN set in.

Oh yes! I had to bold that because that’s as intense as it came and we had to adhere to the rules. Believe me, one of the most anticipated reactions would be to beat myself up and get angry at God knows what hahaha. I then realised this is an opportunity in disguise. I have to set goals that have future prospects, acquire new skills like blogging (smiley).

I have thought about my life and how I would like to align it to be better, I have had to get my priorities right, understood the importance of family and most importantly put myself right with God. This is definitely not a bad start and I always edit and refresh the different lessons I have in my life because I am not perfect. In that imperfection though, I have realised that it is normal and can’t wait for more lessons that will make a better person.

I remain yours, the Ugandan Lady Surveyor and can’t wait to share with you my upcoming series on the Sustainable Development Goals. Want to know why that is my focus, just stay tuned (wink)

I would definitely love to hear from you my lovely readers. Do leave a comment and tell me of your lessons. Can’t wait to hear from you all.

Follow me on twitter @MichyN123 IG@ugandanladysurveyor

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